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Infinite Offroad RGB HELIX Whips - Runs Off Rock Light Controller
Infinite Offroad RGB HELIX Whips - Runs Off Rock Light Controller
Infinite Offroad RGB HELIX Whips - Runs Off Rock Light Controller
Infinite Offroad RGB HELIX Whips - Runs Off Rock Light Controller

Infinite Offroad RGB HELIX Whips - Runs Off Rock Light Controller

Infinite Offroad
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New 2nd Gen whips are extremely tough and brightest on the market.  Our new flexible heavy-duty whips are double cased offering twice the strength and protection but still still allowing flexibility.  No issues to deal with like moisture inside or missing LEDs caused by hitting a tree and they also don't flop around like a wet noodle! 

Most companies wrap a string of LEDs around a tube or fiberglass pole, put shrink wrap on it and run the wire up the outside of the whip cover into the shrink wrap.  This allows moisture to get in and the LEDs chips can be damaged if impacted since there is no protection.   

We wrap our high density ultra-bright LED strand with no gap giving you the maximum LEDs available.  We then encase the LEDS with heat shrink around a flexible inner tube and then seal it inside a heavy duty flexible outer tube.  The wire is then ran through the side of the aluminum base which allows the LEDs to be fully sealed from the elements and protected from impact.  Our whips also use screw style waterproof connections that stay clean and connected.   

Our whips are manufactured with high quality spring bases with quick disconnects. Our bases include an industry first Viton pressure seal between the base and the whip to help keep the connection clean, limits movement and wear over time. 

Did we mention we also have the best warranty on the market? 25 yr if you can break it, we replace it, non voidable warranty (includes accidental damage and even stupidity) at no cost to you and no need to send back in to be repaired.   

Our all new RGB+W flex wrapped whips are fully plug and play with our RGB+W rock light kits.  Makes installation a breeze and allows you to plug these directly into your current rock light system or add on a dedicated controller and control separately or together. Our all new RGB+W Bluetooth & RF Controller allows dual control from a bluetooth app or a back up handheld remote.  Controller also includes brake override option which will turn the kit on and to red if it is wired to your positive brake wire as well as a white override function that can be used to turn the kit white with a dome switch or courtesy light. 

We offer two options in the RGB+W Whips: 

Add to RGB+W 5 Pin Rock Light System: No Controller

This option allows you to plug in your whips directly into our RGB+W rock light kit and run them together.  The whips cannot be controlled independently.  Comes with needed wiring to plug into your current RGB+W 5 pin system.  If you want to turn off independently you can add a in line switch at the link here.  Click Here For In Line Switch 

Include Dedicated Controller: w/ Option to link to rock light controller.

This option allows you to run by itself if your not running our rock light system or if you want to control your whips and rock lights independently.   

*If you are not running our color change rock lights you will need to choose this option.*

*To run a dedicated controller & sync to your current one you must be running the controller that uses the app LED BLE* 

*Whip length is measured from the top of the whip to the bottom of the mount*







Requires phone to use BT control via BLEDIM app.  Also includes extra RF remote, remote does not require line of sight it is paired with the controller. 


  • Download app “BLEDIM” in the app store.
  • DO NOT connect to the device in your phone settings menu 
  • Once connected you can adjust/create colors and patterns as well as turn on and off, the controller should retain the last used setting when powered off then back on.

RF HANDHELD REMOTE PAIR OR LOCK REMOTE: To pair the remote if connection lost or lock it so other remotes cannot control.  

  • Hold green power button.
  • Remove fuse from controller for 5 seconds, place back in.
  • Continue to hold green power button for 3 seconds

BRAKE/RED OVER RIDE: Connect blue wire to brake power wire, this will turn on red even if the lights are turned off and will override any current color if already on, we suggest placing on its own switch to only activate when you want it to.

COURTESY WHITE OVER RIDE: Connect white wire to switch or cortesy lights, this will turn on white even if the lights are turned off and will override any current color if already on.  

*Additional instuctions can be downloaded*


To sync two whips together to one remote:

Each remote controls any whips with in distance.  If you would lock your remote to the whip hold down the bottom left button for 5 seconds while the whip or whips have power.  To unlock hold bottom right button for 5 seconds.  

When changing through the available functions make sure to press the button firmly and hold it down till both whips change.  If you press it very quickly it may result in 1 whip getting the command but the second whip may not have received it yet causing them to be out of sync.