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About Us

We're a small family owned business.  We're also an online only store, meaning that we don't have a store front.  While that may turn some off, let me explain who we are and how we got here.  Mark is a Captain for a local police department in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area while Deb spends her days working as a Dental Assistant.  In other words, we have regular day jobs that keep us busy.  We got into the offroad game, buying our first RZR a while back after experiencing several rides with friends.  Once we got it and started buying accessories, we were shocked at the high prices for everything.  We started digging around and noticed there was quite a bit of markup on products for the offroad market and wanted to find a way to help folks save some cash, as well as ourselves!  So, we started this little venture.  Having it as an online only store allows us to cut some of the overhead associated with the brick and mortar type stores.  Our philosophy is to pass those savings on to our customers. 

This is a hobby for us, not our sole way of life.  We've been fortunate enough to convince some of the best companies around to take a chance on us and allow us to resell their products.  There are others that require their dealers to have that traditional brick and mortar establishment, and we're fine with that.  However, we're convinced that an online only store, in this day and age, can be successful, if given the opportunity!  If there's a product you are looking for, that you don't find on our website send us an email, we'll try our best to be able to get it for you.  If you have any questions, holler.  We don't know everything and certainly don't claim to, but we have a network of folks we can ask and get answers to most questions. 

A lot of people have asked about the name.  Let's just say it is a play on a lost Indian tribe.  It's pronounced Fuk-ah-wee, as in Where the F* are we?!?!  I know, perhaps borderline inappropriate and if it offends you, we're sorry.  We have a different sense of humor, like to have fun, laugh every day - especially at ourselves, and most importantly.....enjoy life!!!

We're here for our customers.  If you don't see it listed on our site, send us a message and we'll do out best to locate the product and get you the best possible price.  If we can't get it, we'll let you know.  A couple of things I can promise you, we'll always treat you right and we'll always try to get you the absolute lowest possible price on whatever it is you are looking for!!!  Give us a shot, we might just surprise you!!!

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