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Tribal Whips 4FT GEM Series LED Lighted Whip
Tribal Whips 4FT GEM Series LED Lighted Whip
Tribal Whips 4FT GEM Series LED Lighted Whip

Tribal Whips 4FT GEM Series LED Lighted Whip

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The GEM series LED lighted whips are the newest series of LED whips designed by Tribal Whips to be affordable, very bright and strong!

Offered in both 2D and 3D options… The 3D is a first of it’s kind, with 3 LED strips running vertically inside the whip tube, and providing a true 360 degree visibility coverage… it’s the ultimate in brightness and safety.

The GEM series LED whips are available in solid colors, only.  They don’t change colors or perform any animations.  Available colors are; Blue, Red, Green, White, Yellow and Orange.  Red/White/Blue is available, but only on the 3D models.  The Red/White/Blue models have 1 LED strip that runs the entire vertical length of the whip in each color.

You can choose from our standard off road tube diameter of 0.690”, the XD tube (0.875” dia.) or XXD (1.0” dia.).  Both XD and XXD tube diameters will support larger 3’ x 5’ flags and operate comfortably at speeds up to 80 mph or more.

Like all Tribal Whips, our proprietary quick connect / disconnect mount system is available.  The whips are easily installed and uninstalled in seconds, and without the use of tools.  And with the GEM series, there are no external power supplies, you just connect them to 12 vdc systems, and go.


Note:  GEM series LED whips are not liquid filled.  Other design features take the place of any liquid filling to ensure long life and strength of the product.


GEM Series LED whips include: 

1 ea. LED lighted whip of choice

1 ea. Quick release mount kit

1 ea. Tribal Whips logo flag